CF 77 Bifold Door

Bifold doors, or folding sliding doors if you prefer, are a modern and innovative design statement that can transform an ordinary room and make it a feature of the house. These doors can flood the room with natural daylight, opening up the house to the garden and letting the outside in.

Available in a number of configurations using between 2 and 8 door leaves, you can choose a design where all doors stack to the same side, or a design where some open one way and some the other. Designs with a single traffic door enable you to slip quickly and easily out into the garden, while leaving the other doors locked in place.
• Great thermal insulation (down to 2.25W/m2K) • Water resistance up to 600Pa
• Glazing up to 63mm • 2 to 8 door leaves
• Security to British and European Standards • Industry-leading maximum sizes
• Inward or outward opening • High-spec stainless steel rollers
The CF77 can be specified with our standard profile or a slim-line variant, the CF77-SL, which features a narrower door leaf profile to maximise the glass area. Both are available in four different threshold solutions:
• High Performance
• Double Weather Seal
• Low Threshold
• Flat Bottom
Each threshold option gives a trade-off between weather performance and ease of passage. The High Performance option offers the best air, wind and water performance but has the highest threshold step. The Double Weather Seal solution combines good weather resistance with a lower threshold. The Low Threshold option can be set into the floor to meet the requirements of Building Regulations and the Flat
Bottom solution allows easy passage with no step at all, but this is at the expense of weather-proofing

Technical Specifications

AIR 4 (600 Pa)
WATER 6A (250 Pa)
WIND B3 (1200 Pa)


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2.25 W/m²K

insulation (Uf)

3000 x 1200mm

Max dimensions

Down to 1.37

U-Value (W/m2k)

B3 (1200 Pa)

Wind load resistance

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